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Alberto Pereda

Alberto Pereda

Breve semblanza

Photographer and travel author from Mexico City. He started his creative activity as a designer, art director and visual artist. In 2013, his work was selected for the Visionados of the PhotoEspaña International Festival; that same year, he decided to dedicate himself professionally to photography. In 2015 he wrote his first article for Travel+Leisure magazine.

He has developed most of his photographic work from the trips he has made in various regions of the world, and from them have also emerged the stories that he has been written for National Geographic Traveler Latin America magazine.

The most recent selection of his work was in the 2018 edition of the “Sony Photography Awards” organized  for the World Photography Organization (WPO), in the culture category.

In addition to his different photographic assignments, he is currently developing a project to promote cultural knowledge through photography and also a book about India and Southeast Asia.

Periodically organizes workshops and photographic expeditions for people who want to get into different aspects of photography.




Throughout his travels and assignments, the author has gone into different places and contexts around the world to document them with his camera. The main focus of his photographic work is the approach to people and their relationship with their context, to reveal as much as possible what he calls the “aesthetics of reality”: a point where documentation work and aesthetics vision join.

“Moving Portraits”, his most recent project, is made up of multiple portraits taken in different countries, which he juxtaposes to detonate different interpretations of public.

Workshops and Photography trips

When he is not in assignment, the author gives courses and workshops on different topics of photography. Periodically he leads to trips in Mexico and various destinations of the world, aimed at people interested to learn about travel photography process professionally.

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